sabato 13 ottobre 2012


Introducing something you carried in your heart and in your head for a long time, made by thousands of ideas and aspirations, is always difficult. The name Beyond for  this blog, wants to mean the intention to go beyond .. Beyond of everything  that’s obvious and trivial, to find out again what really is behind a trend or behind those who follow it. "Today we know the everything’s  price  but we  don’t   know  the  value  of nothing”  Oscar Wilde said and this sentence  is always current  in fashion’s world too! Because the real style isn't in the race  to the  more expensive dress but in the real value that the dress can reveal in the context in which it’s wore and the feeling with the person that wears it. What’s behind the ages that bore the most important revolutions of customs in different parts of the world or simply  what’s behind the choice of a color rather than another when we open our wardrobe in the morning? How fashion can arrive to condition our daily life, relationships between sexes or job or free time’s conception? This blog wants to be a field of exchange and enrichment  to go beyond of standardization and carelessness to get to the true identity of beauty.
Have a nice time in my blog.

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